Session Information

I hope to answer many of your questions here. Please contact me with any question that aren’t answered here or for more details.

Individual, Family, Couples, Bridals, High School Seniors, Missionaries…

My aim is to help allow you to have a relaxing, light-hearted, informal, fun photography session that yields beautiful images that allow you and your family to be seen the way you enjoy being seen. I shoot in an informal way…less posing and more just being you and being together.

You are welcome to choose a location, and I also have suggestions if needed. Bringing a change of clothing is encouraged and you may change as often as the light will allow (we can’t shoot in the dark). You are also welcome to bring items you’d like to incorporate into the session. We’ll work them into the pictures in a subtle way.

During the Family Session, we’ll shoot a number of images as a group, some posed and many informal. We’ll shoot the parents, each of the individual children, all of the kiddos together, and group according to your desires and traditions. I know kids (and some dads) get tired during the sessions, so we’ll work quickly and cheerfully so that you can be on your way to ice-cream before anyone gets a grass stain.

Q: How do we dress?

A: Many couples and families spend much too much time worrying about clothing. Here are a few tips:

- Clothing is important, but much less important than your mood during the session.

- Usually you’ll want to dress just a hair more formally than you’d think. Jeans and t-shirts have their places, but going a bit more formally usually works better. In a family session I always suggest that Mom picks out her outfit first (something she loves and feels beautiful in) and then everyone else coordinate with her.

- You’re already spending money on the session. You’ll rarely need to purchase entirely new wardrobes. A few new items and details are usually enough (and usually you already have what you need in the closet)

- The way clothes fit is more important than almost anything else.

Any other questions? Please ask away!